Popup Panels Joomla Module

Popup Panels Joomla Module

Popup panels module opens modules, custom text with photos, google maps, YouTube or Vimeo vidoes in popup modal. It has the option to open automatically or on button click. With four popup styles: top, bottom, right, left it makes it easy for you to chose which one is the best for your website layout.

popup panel item settings

Items Manager

  • Item load - Custom, Module, YouTube Video, Vimeo Video, Google map
  • Popup Type - none, auto
  • Popup Position - left, right, bottom, top
  • Popup animation - fadeIn, slideInTop, slideInBottom, slideInRight, slideInLeft, slideTop, slideBottom, slideLeft, slideRight
  • Popup Width
  • Popup Height
  • Animation time
  • Popup Background Color
  • Popup text Color
  • Popup Padding
  • Overlay Visible - Yes, No
  • Overlay Background Color
  • Page animate - Yes, No
  • Background Effect - blur, scale, moveUp, moveDown, moveLeft, moveRight
  • Button - Icons or text

Button Settings


  • Buttons position - Absolute, fixed, relative
  • Buttons display - Vertical, horizontal
  • Horizontal position - Right or Left
  • Distance
  • Vertical position - Top, bottom
  • Distance
  • Buttons Radius
  • Buttons Text Color
  • Buttons Background
  • Font awesome - Yes, No
  • Load jquey script - Yes, No
popup panel buttons style
Download include: Popup Panels module